Patricia Seggebruch

Artist, Author, Instructor, EncaustiCamp and EncaustiKits creator, Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch has a passion for inspiring others-to lead them to know and proclaim 'I can do that!' as she did herself nearly two decades ago.

"In my current work I find myself striving to reintroduce color and use it in a sophisticated, understated yet more elementary way after several years of a strictly earth-toned palette. This desire for color speaks to the influence and adoring love of our new home in the NoLi district of Lexington in which the vibrancy and integrity of this up and coming area have captured my heart. As well, my own hearts-desire to explore the memories of places visited in the last decade of travel bespeaks the introduction of small pockets of color. Through this color and gentle rhythm I hope to speak back to a way of life and exploration without shouting it to the world"



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