Secondary Art Market Services

Art auction

Sometimes things change...our lives change, our spaces change, and our tastes change. Maybe you're downsizing, you've inherited artwork that doesn't match your tastes, or maybe you've just outgrown some of the work in your collection. There can be any number of reasons to decide to sell some of your artwork -- and that's okay! 

If things have changed and you decide you want to find a new home for some of your artwork, let WheelHouse Art take care of it for you. We will explore a number of different avenues to find the best way to sell your artwork, whether it's in-house or online, resale or auction, we are here to make the experience as easy as possible to find a new, loving home for the art.

And unlike most secondary art market services, WheelHouse Art reserves a portion of the final sale price to pay a commission to any living artist whose art we sell.* 

Visit our  SECONDARY ART COLLECTION to see work we currently have available for sale.

WheelHouse Art also offers online art auctions on our website and on Instagram and maintains an account with 1stDibs to utilize as an additional avenue to sell artwork on the secondary martket.

Our current phyical location does limit what we are able to carry on hand in the gallery, but we can host artwork for sale for any artwork approved after physical inspection and documentation. 

Contact us today at to get started. Any and all information you can provide will be helpful...the artist, title, media, size, condition, provenance, etc.




* Artist commissions are paid if and when contact is made with the artist. If no contact is achieved after multiple attempts have been made over a reasonable amount of time, the seller and the gallery will split the commission.