WheelHouse Art staff Paul Reynolds Terry Stanton Gabe Pfalzgraf Monique Motiff Daniel Pfalzgraf Ila Dezarn

Below’s a little intro to the cast of characters at The Gallery. You’ll want to watch this with the sound on 🔉 And yes, we do sell works on paper.


Daniel Pfalzgraf, Owner and professional dot connector

WheelHouse Art owner Daniel Pfalzgraf

Daniel Pfalzgraf earned a BFA in drawing and sculpture from Murray State University and an MBA from Indiana University Southeast. He has been working for art museums and galleries for over 20 years, including the Speed Art Museum and the Carnegie Center for Art and History where he was art curator. He is a former B. Deemer Gallery employee and recently purchased the gallery from its founder, Brenda Deemer, in 2021. Beyond art, his interests include wolves, soccer, skateboarding, and ice cream. In that order. Woof.





Monique Motiff, Assistant Director

WheelHouse Art Monique Motiff Design MavenMonique Motiff received a BFA in Painting and Photography from The Art Academy of Cincinnati and an MFA from The School of Hard Knocks. She has been painting and framing for as long as she can remember. Her number one passion is art but she also has a husband, a dog and a couple kids. While she does not enjoy long walks on the beach, she very much enjoys long hikes in the woods and really digs nature.














Ila Dezarn, Frame Master

WheelHouse Art Ila Dezarn Framing Master

Ila Dezarn has been with the gallery since 2002, after working in three other frame shops in Kentucky and Ohio. Ila received a BFA from Murray State University, and a MA from Indiana University. When she’s not making your framing dreams a reality, Ila be found on her alpaca farm or off celebrating all things Star Wars with her husband. When she’s sew-mounting or gold-leafing custom framed pieces, the faint sound of Darth Vader’s voice can be heard in the shop whispering, “the Force is strong with this one.”











Paul Reynolds, Swiss Army Knife

WheelHouse Art Paul Reynolds Swiss Army KnifePaul Reynolds is originally from Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, a small village in England. He has a BFA in Illustration from Cambridge and an MFA in Digital Art from School of Visual Arts, New York. He moved from Manhattan to the bright lights and big city of Louisville where he lives with his wife Margie and their two chihuahuas. Despite living in the United States for over 25 years, he still doesn’t like sweet iced tea, but we don’t hold it against him.






 Gretchen Andres, Operations Polisher

Gretchen Andres WheelHouse ArtGretchen Andres is a prodigal employee of WheelHouse Art/B. Deemer Gallery and a familiar face to anyone who visited the gallery between 2013 - 2020. A veteran of the Louisville art scene, Gretchen has spent the better part of the past 30 years working in art galleries, museums, and frame shops in Louisville, Cincinnati, and San Francisco. She earned a BFA in Printmaking from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 1992. She is, in fact, a native of Cincinnati, so she prefers chili on spaghetti and she calls sneakers "gym shoes."






Terry Wilson Stanton, Office Manager

WheelHouse Art Terry Wilson Stanton Hawkeye Accountant

Terry Wilson Stanton is a certified CPA who has been a real asset to the gallery for over 30 years. She’s a credit to her profession and her attention to detail has paid dividends. She keeps us balanced and we’d be at a loss without her. She loves University of Louisville basketball and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers. Terry can often be seen with her dog taking frequent walks in the Highlands and playing Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable (aka fetch).





Gabe Pfalzgraf, CRO

WheelHouse Art Gabe Pfalzgraf CRO

Gabe Pfalzgraf is WheelHouse Art's CRO (Crap Reduction Officer). Gabe is a recent graduate of J. Graham Brown School and an avid skateboarder. He has grown up in art museums and galleries working alongside his father developing the skills necessary for providing assistance in the gallery.