NFT Artwork

WheelHouse Art now provides an exclusive collection of initial offerings of NFT digital artwork by WheelHouse Artists. Be the first to collect works on the WheelHouse Art website. No cryptocurrency needed! Once you complete your purchase, you will receive an email with detailed directions of how to mint and transfer the artwork to your wallet and enjoy your collection. 

NFTs purchased through WheelHouse Art are minted on Polygon, a decentralised Ethereum scaling platform that offers the accessibility of Ethereum while being more cost efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional Ethereum. Once purchased, WheelHouse Art NFTs are immediately available to resell on OpenSea

Interested in seeing digital NFT artwork in the gallery? WheelHouse Art is pleased to announce a group exhibition, All Today's Parties, opening January 6, 2023. This show will be one of, if not the, first exhibition featuring numerous works of NFT digital art featured in Louisville, Kentucky. All Today's Parties will be an introduction to the NFT Fine Art movement exhibiting digital and physical artworks side by side, providing audiences an experience of what's possible with art collecting.

Have questions? No problem, check out the links below for more information:


CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION HOW TO BUY & VIEW YOUR NFTs including information on how to set up a wallet, and how to connect your collection to OpenSea.

CLICK HERE FOR THE WHA OpenSea collection for any work owned by the gallery that are available for sale on the secondary market. 

CLICK HERE TO SEE DIGITAL ART DISPLAY OPTIONS available to view your NFT fine art collection on.

18 products

18 products