Cynthia Kelly Overall


      WheelHouse Art and artist Cynthia Kelly Overall are pleased to present the artist's latest body of work, The Divinity of All Creatures, Great and Small on view March 25 through May 7, 2022.

      Cynthia Kelly Overall is a Bardstown, Kentucky artist whose oil paintings depict rural landscapes and pastoral scenes. Her work holds an unmistakable luminosity and technical application reminiscent of Old Dutch masterworks with just a hint of a Kentucky accent. Overall’s paintings are inspired by her travels throughout Europe, particularly the United Kingdom, Northern Europe, Italy, and the Ukraine.

      Overall’s latest work includes the old-world herding and farming scenes she’s become so well known for, with wildlife beginning to make appearances in her forests and pastures. Her atmospheric pieces punctuated by sheep, cattle, deer, cranes, and turkey are meant to provide a meditative escape from the stresses of modern life, focusing on the purity of spirit found in all creatures, both great and small.

      Cynthia Overall received her Undergraduate degree from the University of Kentucky, and Master of Art and Master of Fine Art degrees from the Rosary Graduate School of Fine Arts, in Florence, Italy. Her work can be found in major collections worldwide.


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      5 products