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The Carpathians, the other side of the Ukraine, 2016

Artist statement

I chose the western side of the Ukraine for two reasons.  The first reason was for a bit of time travel to when farmers used horses, scythes, and wooden rakes as their main tools.

The second reason is to show a regional family’s dependence on each other and their few animals.

Their ways of life have not changed in decades . . .

Lovely, but extremely raw in their daily maintenance to live.

It was indeed an honor to witness and paint these hard working souls.



The Hague School Revisited, 2013

Artist Statement

For some reason, I have always been enamored with the Dutch painters from the Golden Age of the 17th Century to the 19th Century. The Hague School consisted of landscape painters that equaled The French Barbizon and the American Tonal schools. Their paintings took time to do because they were concerned with the atmospheric effects of simple farm scenes.

I went to Holland to see what they painted. Of course, things have changed immensely, but there are still bits of their world left, which is what I wanted to see, feel, and paint.


New Landscape Paintings, 2011

Artist Statement

Each painting is a prayer- a prayer of thanksgiving and a memorial to moments

in life when we etch a sight, a smell, and a feeling in our souls forever.