Here to There

A year or two back home, after I left graduate school and began sorting
things out, I came to artistic terms with myself as an easel painter.
Working with traditional subject matter in both my studio and in the
plein-air manner, somewhere along the line I was labeled a "realist

This never sat well with me, as I feel my artistic process is more like a
writer than an artist who looks to only recreate what I can see around me.

I have always had as my intent to be an observer who gleans and attempts
to express my experiences of life through visual terms. From those
sources, I edit and attempt to craft something new. In the way a writer
uses language to create a novel from their own experiences and
observations, I bring together the visual elements of art to create a
visual narrative of mine. So, while the artwork may have the appearance of
"real life" - the works contain conceits, ironies, and personal musings
separate from the details of the visible world.

The title of this exhibit Here to There references the internal journey of
my artistic process from bringing what is percolating within in me
creatively to what is realized on the surface of these respective
artworks. Yes, I am most certainly inspired by light, color, or mood of
something I observe in the world – but initial impressions are at the very
least married, if not eclipsed, by what they evoke in me or what happens
when the artwork is underway.

Although the assembled works in this exhibition are distinctly varied,
they are connected through a certain point-of-view in each work – so in
looking from one place to another set-place there is also a visual dynamic
of “from here to there”.

In creating these works it was not as important to me to have them
stylistically aligned as it was to have each work reflect what moved me to
create each image. The purposely selected color motifs, and the painting
and drawing techniques I employed, - all proceed from what I was after in
the different works. It is in the space between what inspires me and the
final developed image where I find the story I wish to portray.



1987     Master of Fine Arts, University of Cincinnati, Painting and Drawing (Studied with Robert Knipschild)


1981     Bachelor of Fine Arts, Louisville School of Art, Painting (Studied with Mary Ann Currier)

             Postgraduate work: University of Louisville, Brooklyn College, Art Students League, Harvard University




1997     Kunst in der Stadt, Mainz, Germany, Louisville Sister Cities Artist Exchange


1982-1992  Kentucky Arts Council, Frankfort, KY; Artist in Residence Grants




2019     “Four Seasons,” Deemer Gallery, Louisville, KY

2017    “Town & Country,” B. Deemer Gallery, Louisville, KY

2016 New Works,” B. Deemer Gallery, Louisville, KY

2015 This, That and the Other,” The Jewish Community Center, Louisville, KY


2013     Close to Home,” B. Deemer Gallery, Louisville, KY


2011     Oil Pastels by Martin Rollins,” B. Deemer Gallery, Louisville, KY


2009     Recent Works,” B. Deemer Gallery, Louisville, KY


2007     “Oil Pastels,” B. Deemer Gallery, Louisville, KY


2005     A Sense of Place,”  B.Deemer Gallery, Louisville, KY


2004     “Travelogue,” B. Deemer Gallery, Louisville, KY


1991-2002  “Recent Works,” B. Deemer Gallery, Louisville, KY




2019     Contemporary Portraits of the Ohio River Invitational,” B. Deemer Gallery, Louisville, KY


2004     SUTHERLAND GALLERY GROUP SHOW,” Actor’s Theatre of Louisville, Louisville, KY


2002     9-11 EXHIBITION,” Louisville Visual Art Association, Louisville, KY (Juried)

            “KENTUCKY ARTISTS,” Kentucky State Capitol, Frankfort, KY (Invitational)


2000     ‘CITYSCAPES,’ The Sutherland Gallery, Bardstown, Kentucky

            ‘MARY ANDERSON CENTER,’ Actor’s Theater of Louisville (Invitational)

            ‘CFAC ALUMNI EXHIBITION,’ Louisville Visual Art Association (Invitational)


1997     ‘THE NUDE SHOW’ Lexington Art League, Lexington, KY


1996     ‘WATERSIDE ARTS FAIR,’ Louisville Visual Art Association, Louisville, KY

             ‘THE MALE NUDE’ Artswatch Gallery, Louisville, KY


1994     ‘LOUISVILLE DRAWING INVITATIONAL’ Louisville Visual Art Association and Mainz, Germany


1993     TRANSITIONS’ Craft Exhibition, Headly-Whitney Museum, Lexington, KY


1992     ‘TOYS’ Morlan Gallery at Transylvania University, Lexington, KY (Invitational)

            ‘ARTSWATCH MEMBERS EXHIBITION’ Artswatch Gallery, Louisville, KY

            ‘JULY JURIED’ Floyd County Museum, New Albany, IN


1991     ‘THE LOUISVILLE SCENE’ Headly-Whitney Museum, Lexington, KY (Invitational)


1990     ‘REALISM TODAY’ Evansville Museum of Art and Science, Evansville, IN (Juried)

‘INTERIORS AND EXTERIORS’ Sewickley Academy, Sewickley, Pennsylvania (Invitational)



             ARTISTS,’ Knight-Gomez Gallery, Baltimore, MD (Invitational)


1989     ‘SHAWN LEE AND MARTIN ROLLINS EXHIBIT’ Campbellsville College, Campbellsville, KY (Invitational)


1999     ‘ANTI-UTOPIA EXHIBIT’ Bullet Exhibition Space, New York, NY (Invitational) 


1988     ‘JULY JURIED’ Floyd County Museum, New Albany, IN

            ‘APPROPRIATIONS,’ Birke Gallery at Marshall University, Huntington, W VA (Invitational)   

            ‘RECENT WORK; BROWN, NOLDE, ROLLINS AND SMITH’ Schneider Hall, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY (Juried)

           ‘ME; ARTIST’S SELF-PORTRAITS’ Liberty Gallery, Louisville, KY  (Invitational)


1987     ‘APPROPRIATIONS,’ DBN Exhibition Space at 101 Wooster Street, NYC (Invitational)

MFA THESIS EXHIBITION’, Tangeman Gallery, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH




2012                 “An Artist's Perspective: Martin Rollins,” Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church, Louisville, KY. Series of three presentations related to art and culture.


2006-2008         National Art Education Association National Conferences Facilitator, Museum Division’s Teacher Museum Exchange


1998-present     Crescent Moon Studio, Louisville, KY, Director and Lead Instructor


2000-2008         JB Speed Art Museum, Louisville, KY, Associate Curator of Education for School Programs



1995-2000         JB Speed Art Museum, Louisville, KY, Associate Curator of Education: School and Family Programs


1994-95            Bloom Elementary, Louisville, KY, Artist in Residence, Instructor & Mural Painter 

                         Academic year University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, Adjunct Instructor, Fine Arts


1992-95             Louisville Visual Art Association, Louisville, KY, Children’s Free Art Classes Instructor


1992-94             M L King, Jr. Elementary, Louisville, KY, Artist in Residence, Instructor


1989-95            Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts, Louisville, KY, Visual Arts Faculty


1982-92            Kentucky Arts Council, Frankfort, KY, Artist in Residence, Residencies throughout KY 


1987-88             Academic year, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, Adjunct Instructor of Fine Arts,


1985-87            Academic years, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, Graduate Teaching Assistant


1982-92             Kentucky Arts Council, Frankfort, KY, Artist in Residence, throughout Kentucky


1983, 1985-1988  Kentucky Institute for the Arts In Education, Louisville, KY, Visual Arts Faculty 



            San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA

            Museum of Modern Art, NYC    

            Pompidou Center, Paris, France




            Community Health Systems, Nashville, TN

            River Road Asset Management, Louisville, KY

            Siebert and Johnson, Louisville, KY

            Thompson, Miller and Simpson, Louisville, KY

            Greenbaum, Doll & McDonald, PLLC, Louisville, KY

            Stock Yards Bank, Louisville, KY

            Lockheed Martin Corporation, Bethesda, MD

            Rudd Heart and Lung Center at Jewish Hospital, Louisville, KY

            Crescent Hill Library, Louisville, KY

            Brown Forman Corporation, Louisville, KY

            Louisville Gas and Electric Corporation, Louisville, KY

            Martin Marietta Corporation, Baltimore, MD

            Lionel and Mary Ann Currier of Louisville, KY

            Syncopated Dance Company, Lexington, KY





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