CCS Submission Information for Artists

private meeting in an office with artwork

Dear Artists,

I want to share some exciting news with you.

WheelHouse Art is launching the Curatorial Concierge Service (CCS), a new art leasing program geared towards private and corporate clients who wish to integrate visual art into their environment while valuing the flexibility of changing collections and cash flow-friendly alternatives to purchasing entire art collections all at once. The program will also allow clients to “try on” works of art over an extended period with an option to buy—kind of like a lease-to-own option if you will.

With the Curatorial Concierge Service, WheelHouse Art will select the best collection of artworks for a client to fit their space sourcing art from our roster of artists as well as other regional artists whose work would fit well for a given project. Clients sign up for annual subscriptions between 12 to 60 months long with options to rotate out collections for subscriptions of 36 months and longer.

How will artists benefit from this?

Any artist whose work is placed in a CCS corporate collection will earn 50% of the subscription income generated by their artwork, earning income for the artist while it is on display regardless of whether the artwork is sold.

There are three paths artwork can take when participating in the CCS program.

  1. The artwork is leased out and purchased. An artwork is leased out, earning the artist their share of the subscription income. At the end of a subscription, there will be an option to purchase an artist’s work, which if triggered, the artist will be paid the remaining balance of their commission of up to 50% of the retail price of the artwork.
  2. The artwork is leased out multiple times until it is paid for in full. If an artwork is leased out over multiple subscriptions without selling, the artist will continue to earn income from that artwork up to 55% of the retail price of the work. Once that 55% of retail price threshold is met, WheelHouse Art will assume full ownership of the artwork. This allows the artist to make their standard 50% sales commission, plus an extra 5% in interest as a thank you for allowing your work to be leased out over an extended period.
  3. The artwork is leased out, then returned to the artist. If a work of art is leased out for a client but isn’t purchased, the artist maintains controlling ownership of the artwork and can regain possession of the art when not actively placed in a collection. This means an artist will be able to increase the earning potential of a work of art from both drawing income while it is leased out and will still be able to sell it to another client later.

Current WheelHouse Artists are automatically enrolled in this program unless they request to opt out.

If you aren’t a WheelHouse Artist but would like to participate, please make sure we have up to date information for you and your artwork. Email using the subject line “CCS Program” and include in the email:

  1. Your name
  2. Mailing address
  3. Phone number
  4. Email address
  5. Website
  6. Instagram
  7. A sample of five to ten available artworks that represent your body of work. Please include Titles, Sizes, Media, and Retail prices for the submitted artworks.
  8. Lastly, and this is VERY IMPORTANT: Please let us know if you are represented by another gallery that would require permission for your work to participate in this program (and provide contact information for that gallery). If your work earns income in this program and another gallery or agent representing you comes forward seeking commission payments, you will be responsible for paying any monies owed to them.

Please be sure to keep your website and/or Instagram page current with available work using high quality images and accurate measurements. This is vitally important as we search for up to date and appropriate art options for client projects.

This may go without saying, but we will say it out loud anyway: artwork that is overtly sexual, religious, or political in nature, or work that displays aggressive, traumatic, or other sensitive subjects or themes won’t fit with the vast majority of projects. Please keep that in mind with regards to work we will be considering for the CCS program.

Thank you for putting in the work making art for our community and beyond. We are excited about the potential of this new service, and hope that you are equally excited to be a part of it as well.

With warmest regards,

Daniel Pfalzgraf and crew at WheelHouse Art