Lindsay Moremen


      LINDSAY MOREMEN lives and works in Kentucky. She is an award winning art director & production designer on multiple films produced in the Commonwealth.

      "I was fortunate to grow up in the country in Kentucky where I developed a deep connection to nature. 

      My creativity was nurtured by exploration and curiosity through climbing trees, building forts, walking barefoot, stargazing, and catching fireflies to make night lights in mason jars.

      My first compositions were created from the collections of arrowheads, rocks, feathers, birds’ eggs, crawdads, flowers, and snakeskins gathered daily on after school missions and assembled into cherished layouts in makeshift forts in the woods.

      I would "borrow" my parents’ instamatic camera and take pictures of my prized possessions. I finally got my first real camera for high school graduation, and I took it everywhere I went and still do today.

      My love of photography led me to work with some of the top photographers in New York where I honed my skills and learned that art directing and styling a photo was just as important as shooting it. Content creates a photograph.

      My natural ability to art direct and realize concepts for fashion and film has led me to the P<Farm>A collection of works. 

      The series of digital and print media for P<farm>A turns the lens on the existing crisis of the destruction of nature, animals, and humans through the dystopian view of my personal fury at the man-made climate change disruptions to the land and food supply and the collateral damage of chemicals and plastics to all.

      As chemicals increasingly permeate the entire ecosystem on land and in the oceans, the vicious cycle of toxic pollution leads us all to question...

      How do we survive as a species and what does it look like?" -- Lindsay Moremen

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      4 products