Brian Harper


      Brian Harper is an Associate Professor of Fine Art and Head of the Ceramics Area at Indiana University Southeast. He holds a BFA from Northern Arizona University and an MA and MFA from the University of Iowa. His work has been exhibited in over 100 national and international exhibitions, including 7 solo exhibitions. 

      "I am deeply committed to a life of learning. I believe in the quest for knowledge in a broad sense, understanding that knowledge comes from a range of pursuits: experience, mentorship, self-discovery, and searching for (and into) the things that offer wonderment and excitement.

      I am an artist, an educator, and someone who feels an innate responsibility to contribute. With this in mind, I pursue my interests not as novelty, but as motivation to become better at what I do. As experience is gained, so too is the responsibility to give back to others – through the reach and breadth of my artwork, the example and mentorship I give my students, and by my efforts to broaden the opportunities available to others in my field.

      Ultimately, I pursue these interests in search of new experience, working to synthesize these efforts in search of a better whole." -- Brian Harper

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