Monique Motiff (Louisville, Kentucky) studied painting and photography
at The Art Academy of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Her rich, moody landscapes are executed using a combination of oil, tar
and many layers of beeswax, a technique she has developed and perfected
over many years.

Spending time in Chicago, Illinois, after college, Motiff absorbed exciting new
trends and techniques in mixing media. Her travels between Chicago and
Louisville in those years inspired her to not just copy the scenery she saw
along the highway but to transmit her feeling of the landscape in the context
of home versus future, and to imbue the skyscapes with literal and figurative
texture and depth.

Motiff’s work has been represented in: St. Louis, Missouri; Chicago, Illinois;
Cincinnati, Ohio; Louisville, Kentucky.



1991      Bachelor of Fine Arts, Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH



2019      Art Sanctuary - Louisville, KY

2016      Evolving Gallery - Louisville, KY

2015      Hyland Glass - Louisville, KY

2014      Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft Shop - Louisville, KY

2011       “As above, so below” Swanson Contemporary Art - Louisville, KY

2010      Art 227- Louisville, KY

2009      ExVoto Gallery - Louisville, KY

2008      Vonfire Gallery - Glassworks, Louisville, KY

2007      Xen Gallery, St. Louis, MO

2006      “Saturate” - Group show - A Ground Floor Production, Louisville, KY

2006      “Inhale” - Group show - A Ground Floor Production, Louisville, KY

2004      “Skyscapes II” - Swanson Reed Contemporary, Louisville, KY

2004      “Skyscapes” - Xen Gallery, St. Louis, MO

2002      “A View from the Treetops” - Curve, Louisville, KY

2001      “Works by Monique Motiff” - Swanson Cralle Gallery, Louisville, KY

2001      “Ohio River Valley Landscapes”-Group show-YWCA Women’s Art Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

2000      “Monique Motiff / Marco Logdson”-Swanson Cralle Gallery, East Market, Louisville, KY

1999      Art in Embassies Program, Joseph Sullivan, United States Ambassador to Angola.

1999      “New Artists / New Work” - Swanson Cralle Gallery, Louisville, KY

1996      “Light and Fluffy” - Solo show - Cornelia Arts Building, Chicago, IL

1995      Group show - R.A. Gallery, Chicago, IL

1995      “Studio Works” - Cornelia Arts Building, Chicago, IL

1992      Group show - Studio Frame Shop, Cincinnati, OH

1992      Group show - Arts Consortium, Cincinnati, OH

1991      “Women First” - Chidlaw Gallery, Cincinnati, OH